Fine dining gastronomy in Prague center

Art gastronomy by Tomas Horak will enchant you with a variety of colors and flavors. Artwork on a plate - so you can describe the gastronomy that our chef de cuisine with his team prepare for you. Indulge yourself with unique food creations and enjoy high gastronomy in the interior of the Art Nouveau stalactite cave with more than a hundred years long history.

L’Atelier Gourmet menu

Moët & Chandon Imperial Brut, France

Le Beurre Jean-Yves BORDIER - French butter made of milk from farms of Brittany and Normandy

1. Hamachi fish/wasabi/cucumber/ pineapple/mango/radish/kumquat/Soba tare sauce
2. Beetroot Tarte/ blackcurrant /croutons/Crème fraîche
    Sauvignon Fumées Blanches, Languedoc, France
3. Smoked eel cooked in two ways/whipped cream/Beluga caviar/saffron/pear/cucumber
    Pinot blanc – grape selection, Mikulov, Reisten winery, Czech Rep.
4. Beef Wagyu (A4)/miso Dashi Itame/avocado-vanilla/violet cauliflower/shallot/enoki
    Dehesa La Granja, Castilla Y Léon, Spain
5. Brook Trout Ombles Chevalier/champagne sauce/broccoli/beluga lentil/caviar/sepia
    Gavi di Gavi, Piemonte, Vila Sparina, Italy
6. Roe deer in koji rice/ponzu/cassis jus/chanterelle mushrooms/cherry/cranberry/nuts
   Pinot noir – grape selection, Velké Pavlovice, Moravíno Valtice, Czech Rep.
7. Lemon - Yuzu Tarte/kefir/mango/mascarpone ice-cream
   Sauternes, Château de Rolland, Bordeaux, France

L’Atelier Gourmet menu 4 courses … 73,9 € (CZK 1.878,-)
L’Atelier Gourmet menu 7 courses … 126,5 € (CZK 3.215,-)
L’Atelier Gourmet Menu 4 courses incl. wines … 111,4 € (CZK 2.830,-)
L’Atelier Gourmet Menu 7 courses incl. wines … 171,1 € (CZK 4.347,-)
L’Atelier Gourmet Menu 4 courses incl. alcohol free wine pairing … 93,8 € (CZK 2.383,-)
L’Atelier Gourmet Menu 7 courses incl. alcohol free wine pairing … 153,7 € (CZK 3.905,-)

Czech Modern Art menu

Bohemia sekt Prestige Rosé Brut


1. Prague Ham with Horseradish/Pickled Onions/Gherkin/white Chocolate/Tomato/Oxalis
    Frankovka Rosé, Moravia, Velké Pavlovice Sub-region, Mádlová Winery, CZ
2. Oxtail double consommé/bacon dumplings/carrot/chestnut/shallot
3. Slowly Roasted Beef Filet Steak, Cream Sauce, Carlsbad Dumpling Soufflé, Cranberries, Whipped cream, Lemon
    Pinot Noir – Grape Selection, V. Pavlovice Sub-r., Moravíno Valtice, CZ
4. Duck breast/orange sauce/wine cabbage/salsify puree
    Neronet – regional wine, Salabka vineyards in Prague, CZ
5. Dessert “Masaryk”/pineapple/vanilla cream
    Pálava – selection of grapes, Moravia, Lechovice Winery, CZ

Czech Modern Art menu 5 courses … 70,8 € (CZK 1.800,-)
Czech Modern Art menu 5 courses incl. wines … 91,1 € (CZK 2.315,-)
Czech Modern Art menu 5 courses incl. alcohol free wines … 89,7 € (CZK 2.280,-)

Candlelight menu

Glass of Bohemia Prestige Rosé Brut
Amouse Bouche

  1. Hamachi fish/wasabi/cucumber/pineapple/mango/radish/kumquat/Soba tare sauce
  2. Beetroot Tarte/ blackcurrant/croutons/Crème fraîche
  3. Brook Trout/champagne sauce/coriander/beluga lentil-vanille/salmon caviar/sepia chips
  4. Fermented pigeon in Koji rice/café jus/leek puree/shallot
  5. White chocolate tarte Opalys Valrhona/blackcurrant/mascarpone ice-cream

Coffee or choice of exclusive tea selection

Candlelight menu 5 courses, welcome drink, coffee/tea … 59,0 € (CZK 1.500,-)

Exclusive wine Salabka

NERONET - wine from Prague vineyards


The variety was bred in 1965 in former Czechoslovakia, in Lednice in Moravia, by crossing varieties (Svatovavřinecké x Blue Portugal) x Alibernet. The breeder of the variety is Prof. Ing. V. Kraus, CSc. The aim of the crossing was to get a variety, a dye, but earlier ripening than Alibernet. The name of the variety is composed of two parts, the word "nero", in Italian "black" may be a reminder of the dark color of the wine, the suffix indicates that it is a cabernet type and one of the parents of this wine is the Alibernet variety.

À la carte menu

Cold starters

  • Beetroot Tartar/Blackcurrants/Puff Pastry/Herbs [CZK 220,-] Veg.
  • Tomato/Feta Cheese/Aloe Vera/Basil Oil [CZK 240,-] Veg
  • Smoked Eel Prepared in Two Different Styles/Gherkin/Pear/Saffron/Beluga Caviar/Egg Yolk [CZK 410,-]
  • Roast Potatoes in Ash/Lardo Fat/Onion Marmalade/Smoked Whipped Cream/Garlic-Oil/Honey-Tru [CZK 220,-]
  • Hamachi Fish/Mango/Cucumber/Pineapple/Wasabi/Radish/Kumquat/Soba Tare Sauce/Lemon [CZK 380,-] Gluten-free meal
  • Beef Tartar/Truffle Mayonnaise/Golden Chanterelle Mushroom /Capers/Shallot [CZK 290,-]
  • Japanese Wagyu A4 Beef/Miso Dashi Itame/Enoki-Velvet Shank/Avocado-Vanilla/Onion/Violet Cauliflower [CZK 480,-]
  • Mackerel/Cucumber/Fish Jelly/Pernod Foam/Blood Orange Sauce/Beetroot [CZK 260,-]


  • Beef Consommé/Carrot/Celery/Shallot [CZK 180,-]
  • Creamy Crayfish Soup/Bruschetta/Salmon Caviar [CZK 220,-]
  • Chestnut - Miso Soup/Black Salsify/Nuts/Grapes [CZK 170,-] Veg/Gluten-free meal

Czech cuisine - MODERN TASTING

  • Beef Filet Steak in Carrot and Celery Crust, Sirloin Sauce/Carlsbad Dumplings/Cranberries/Lemon [CZK 620,-]
  • Slowly Roasted Breast of Duck/Wine Cabbage/Orange Juice/Black Salsify Puree [CZK 490,-]


  • Pasta/Chantarelle Mushroom Sauce/Parmesan [CZK 390,-] Veg.


  • Omble Chevalier - Alpine Char/Champagne Sauce/Beluga Lentil/Sepia Chips/Lemon-Yuzu Gel [CZK 660,-]
  • Sturgeon/Beetroot Sauce/Violet Cauliflower/Radish/Wild Risotto [CZK 680,-]

Steaks and main courses

  • Japanese Wagyu Rib Eye Steak (A4)/ Morel Mushroom Sauce /Smoked Pumpkin/Parsnip/Pak Choi in Black Tempura [CZK 2 200,-] Gluten-free meal
  • Beef Filet Steak/X.O. Sauce/Carrots/Peas/Truffle Puree [CZK 720,-]
  • Fermented Anjou Pigeon/Café Jus/Broccoli/Leek/Shallot/Truffle Mousse [CZK 620,-] Gluten-free meal
  • Chamois saddle/Mushroom Dust/Pasta/Chanterelle Mushrooms Sauce/Rosemary Stones [CZK 880,-]
  • Fermented Saddle of Roe Deer in Koji Rice/Ponzu/Truffle Gel/Sour Cherries/Cranberries/Nuts/Bacon Dust [CZK 780,-]


  • Mixed Lentil Salad, with Honey-Mustard Dressing and Venison Pieces [CZK 190,-]
  • Mango Fit Salad/Arugula/Mint/Litchi [CZK 240,-] Veg/Gluten-Free meal

Selection of desserts and cheeses

  • Opalys White Choco-Tart/Currants/Mascarpone/Macadamia [CZK 290,-]
  • Pistachio Tart/Blackcurrant Sauce/Raspberries [CZK 280,-]
  • Masaryk Dessert/Pineapple/Vanilla Cream [CZK 280,-]
  • Tonka Bean Chocolate Cake/Sour Cherries/Lemon [CZK 290,-]
  • Lemon - Yuzu Tart/Mango [CZK 290,-]
  • Selection of French Cheeses/Mango Chutney/Grape Chips /Nuts in Honey [CZK 340,-]

 In our menu you can find vegetarian and gluten-free meals as well

Wine list

The speciality of our sommeliers is a selection of the best wine for your meal and your taste. The rich wine cellar from all over the world invites you to choose "wine made to measure".

Czech & Moravian white wines

Winery subregion Mělnická

Müller Thurgau, winery Salabka, Praha             

Winery subregion Znojemská

Pálava - grape selection, winery Lechovice    

Winery subregion Mikulovská

Ryzlink rýnský - last harvest, Sonberk, Mikulov               

Ryzlink vlašský - last harvest, Mikros vín, Mikulov           

Veltlínské zelené - last harvest, barique, Moravíno      

Sauvignon - last harvest, Gala winery               

Ryzlink vlašský- last harvest, Gala Winery       

Ryzlink rýnský - last harvest, Gotberg   

Sylvánské zelené - last harvest, Gotberg

Chardonnay - last harvest, Gotberg       

Chardonnay - last harvest, Reisten - Valtice

Pinot blanc - grape selection, Reisten - Valtice      

Ryzlink vlašský - ice wine, Sedlec      

Winery subregion Velkopavlovická

Ryzlink rýnský - last harvest, Velké Bílovice        

Sauvignon - last harvest, barique,F. Mádl, V.Bílovice   

Rulandské šedé - slámové, O. Drápal     

Winery subregion Slovácká

Ryzlink rýnský - last harvest, M. Robek, Blatnice             

Rulandské šedé - last harvest, M. Sůkal              

Rulandské bílé - last harvest, Spielberg               

Sylvánské zelené - last harvest, winery Čapka


Foreign white wines

Sancerre, Crochet, LOIRE            

Riesling Hugel, Vin d´Alsace, ALSACE      

Forst Riesling Basalt, Pfalz

Weiser Burgunder, Carnuntum

Chablis, Mont de Milieu, 1er Cru CHABLIS           

Chardonnay, Secret de Lunes, LANGUEDOC          

Chateau de Rolland, Sauternes BORDEAUX     

Sauvignon, Fumées Blanches, LANGUEDOC      

Muscadet, Clos de L´Arzillier 

Sauvignon Touraine 

Chateau Malartic Lagraviere, Cru 

Pinot Grigio, Colterenzio, ALTO ADIGE  

Gavi di Gavi, Vila Sparina, PIEMONTE     

Sauvignon Blanc, Reserva, Ventisquero, CHILE 

Chardonnay, Reserva, Jacob´s Creek, AUSTRALIA           

Sauvignon, Sliding Hill, NEW ZEALAND   


Moravian wines rosé

Frankovka Rosé - kabinet, winery Mádlová, V. Bílovice     

Pinot Noir Rosé, Ton Ceur, Salabka Prague     


Foreign wines rosé

Chateau Minuty COTES DE PROVENCE  


Česká & Moravská červená vína

Vinařská podoblast Mělnická

Neronet - pozdní sběr, Vinařství Salabka, Praha 

Vinařská podoblast Znojemská

Svatovavřinecké - barrique, N.Šaldorf    

Vinařská podoblast Mikulovská

Rulandské modré - výběr z hroznů, Moravíno, Valtice 

Merlot - barrique, Ing. Michlovský, Perná          

Rulandské modré - pozdní sběr, Ing. Michlovský             

Rulandské modré - výběr z bobulí, Gotberg      

Vinařská podoblast Velkopavlovická

Pinot Noir - výběr z hroznů, Springer, Bořetice

Frankovka - pozdní sběr, Springer, Bořetice 

Coteaux Peluic - N.E.R., Velké Bílovice 

Cuvée Opulent, Kubík, Velké Bílovice

Zweigeltrebe - barique, Velké Bílovice  

Cabernet Sauvignon - barique, Ing. Michlovský               

Cuvée SKALE (Cabernet Sauvignon & Merlot) Vinařství Springer, Bořetice         

Vinařská podoblast Slovácká

Zweigeltrebe - pozdní sběr, Spielberg   


Zahraniční červená vína

Sirius, Sichel, BORDEAUX             

Chateau d´Angludet, MARGAUX             

Savigny Les Beaune, Cornu, BOURGOGNE           

Vosne - Romanée, Chezeaux, COTE DU NUITS   

Ventoux, Delas, RHONE              

Crozes Hermitage, Delas, RHONE          

Pauilac de Latour PAUILAC

Chateau Pichon Baron, 2éme Grand Cru PAUILAC

Chateau Mouton Rothschild, 1er Cru PAUILAC

Chateauneuf du Pape "La Bernardine", RHONE 


Castel Fossibus, Ollier Taillefer, FAUGÉRES        

Sassicaia TOSCANA

Barolo, Gaja PIEMONTE

Chianti Classico, Reserva, Bandecca, TOSCANA 

Chianti Classico, Verrazzano, TOSCANA 

Primitivo di Manduria, PUGLIA 

Brunello di Montalcino, Lisini, TOSCANA             

Cignale, Castello di Querceto, TOSCANA             

Rawson´s Retreat, Shiraz-Cabernet, AUSTRALIA              

Shiraz, Hundred Tree Hill, AUSTRALIA   

Dehesa La Granja, CASTILLA Y LEÓN       

Tinto Pesquera, Crianza, ESPAŇA             

Riscal S.L. - Tempranillo, RIOJA  

Marqués de Riscal, Reserve, RIOJA         

Prado Enea, RIOJA          

Cabernet Sauvignon, R. Mondavi, CALIFORNIA  

Cabernet Sauvignon, Gran Reserva, CHILE       

Malbec, Rewen, ARGENTINA       

Merlot, Salton Desejo, BRASIL  

Shiraz, Phant, SOUTH AFRICA     

 Inanda, Yonder Hill, SOUTH AFRICA  

La Motte, Millennium, SOUTH AFRICA  


Champagne & šumivá vína

Bohemia Sekt    

Bohemia Sekt Prestige brut rosé         

Belstar Prosecco brut D.O.C.         

Freixenet "Cordon Negro"       

Champagne Billecart - Salmon  

Champagne Billecart - Salmon Rosé     

Champagne Moët&Chandon 

Champagne Veuve Clicquot Ponsardin

Champagne Dom Pérignon, Moët&Chandon    


Vyzrálá portská vína

Porto Velha tawny 20 Y.O.        

Porto Velha 40 Y.O.